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Our mission

Humanitarian aid to Ukrainians

« Droit à la liberté » collects funds to help people in Ukraine by providing basic necessities (food, hygiene products, medicines, batteries, external batteries etc.) especially in the East and South of the country, the areas that are in the war throes. We also financially help local NGO associations which distribute hot meals and medicines to elderly people who have been left alone and have nothing to eat, women with children as well as people who defend the freedom and independence of Ukraine.

Our actions

In this section you can find out more about the actions that we have already undertaken. The photos and our explanations of what has been done with the help of each one of you!

Volunteering in Ukraine, financial aid

6 voluntary organisations including one whose mission is the protection of animals

Perinatal centers in Kharkiv, financial aid

To save newborns

2 humanitarian aid vans sent

Medicines, diapers for children and food to Ukraine on February 26 2022

Make a donation

We urgently need your help to continue providing life-saving protection to elderly people, families forced to flee their homes.

we are

Two Franco-Ukrainian sisters Mariia and Anna

« Droit à la liberté » is an association created by two sisters Anna and Mariia

The project was born in early March 2022 following the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. We are of Ukrainian origin and our families are in Kharkiv, the city on the East of Ukraine that suffers from Russian aggression since the first day of war. We had no choice but to start our own association to help our compatriots who bravely defend the freedom of Ukraine. 

Mariia, President of Association, in a normal live works as an IT Change Manager in a transport company.

Anna, Treasurer of the Association, is responsible for the IT management control team in an insurance company.

The “Droit à la liberté » association is a real breath of fresh air for us and for many Ukrainians who we can help together with you. 

Each of you can help us to bring closer the day when we will sing the anthem of our country for the Ukrainian victory and freedom!

We thank you with all our heart for your help, for your support and for your collaboration.

Yours sincerely,

Anna and Mariia